About Me

Who I am
  • Who I am

  • My name is Martin Koch, I was born in 1976 and am a passionate photographer.

    The subject of photography has been with me since I was little. Always discovering new things, making the hidden visible, creating perspectives and showing the world through my eyes. Photography has taught me to go through the world more openly and attentively. Often it is the small things that one likes to overlook and which only become visible through a photo and thus gain in appreciation.

    Sport takes a big and important part in my life besides photography. It creates a balance to my daily work routine and has a positive influence on my creative impulses as well as on my way of working.

My Philosophy
  • My Philosophy

  • If you want to, you can - I believe that you can do anything if you want to. Everyone has certain talents. You only have to believe in yourself, hold on to your will, because it is always up to what you make of it.

    I still remember what my grandma used to say: If the boy wants to, he can. And this has not changed until today.

    Ambitious, determined and an iron will - these were words that used to describe me. Today I see what possibilities you can create with it, what doors open and how you can grow if you want to...

Yes, I want to...
  • Yes, I want to...

  • to be your wedding photographer, because this is the kind of photography that excites me the most. It is simply indescribable to put into words the day when two people in love with sparkling eyes say yes to each other. That makes it all the more exciting to capture those special moments in photos, so that you can enjoy that day for a lifetime and that's exactly my goal for you.

    I want to use my photos to tell your story. I do not only pay attention to the big moments, but also to the many small details, such as the wedding bouquet, bridal shoes, table decoration, because it is exactly these things that make your wedding so unique. The most beautiful day in your life will be celebrated, this should also be visible in your photos later on - a piece of memory for eternity!