About Me

Martin Koch

Hey, I am Martin

I make your emotions visible.

I live near Kaiserslautern and prefer to spend my free time outside in nature.

In the silence of the night I am often out and about to capture the infinite space as the Photographer of the Universe in pictures, but I also love to photograph weddings.

I am a collector of moments and love the real, unexposed and authentic moments in between, as well as the many small details and feelings of a wedding day.

Are you planning a casual wedding in a relaxed atmosphere and want to celebrate a mega party?

We should get to know each other!

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8 facts about me



Besides photography, sport plays a big and important role in my life. It creates a balance to my everyday work and has a positive effect on my creative impulses and the way I work. This year my mountain bike became a loyal companion. It's just fun to use it to explore nature.

For me photography is more than just a job. It is my calling. Even as a small child, my parents gave me a camera that I never took off, and so I turned my hobby into a job.



Meditating helps me to stay in my center and is now part of my daily routine. It's just good to look inside for 30 minutes to realign myself and focus.

I started following Anthony William's diet in 2019. I'm not quite where I want to go yet, but the journey is the goal and you are welcome to give yourself and your body the time to make the change.

Favorite movies


As a film junkie and cinema fan, there is no real favorite film for me. I love watching "The Fast and the Furious" as much as I love watching Nicholas Sparks' films.

Oh yes i love lavender. ❤️ In 2018 I was in Provence for the first time. I still remember exactly the moment when I got out of the car and smelled that smell. It was indescribable. In 2020 I was there again and took the fragrance from Provence home with me. 😊

Audio books and podcasts

Since I don't like reading, I discovered audio books and podcasts for myself. I like to use the medium for my personal training and development. The focus here is on personal and professional self-development in order to be able to create a better version of myself.


There are quite a few things on my bucket list. At the top of my wish list is Iceland. The idea of ​​going there and seeing the northern lights makes my photographer's heart beat faster. I don't just want to see them with my own eyes, I also want to take photos and of course a wedding in Iceland.

Let's make your visions come true together

Wedding photography is something very personal, so I go straight to “you” with my couples. It makes a lot of things easier.

I am your friend, advisor and photographer in one, because for me sympathy and trust are the key to beautiful wedding photos. We work very closely together and it will make it easier for you to let yourself fall in front of the camera.

If you have the feeling that we can be a great team, then I look forward to your message and I look forward to your very personal story.

I have been traveling as a wedding photographer since 2015. I can still very well remember my first wedding that I photographed. Since then, the wedding fever has seized me and never let go. As a photographer, it is an honor for me to be part of this great day and to experience all the wonderful emotions.

It is a day of love and connection that exudes a lot of positive energy and I just enjoy being around good-humored people.

My goal for you is to create a memory for eternity, so that you can experience this day again and again and share the joy with your families, friends and later your children and grandchildren.